Mindfulness                         This simple drawing of matchstick people truly is worth a million dollars. How do we think , how do we live day to day , how do we interact, how do we react……… Every thing actually has to do with what is actually running through our mind at that moment. What is in our mind ? Do we store stories, images , voices , scenes and let them run like a projector or a movie in our head ?

No wonder we have problems concentrating , being absent minded, misplacing things and going around our daily life akin to having blinds on our senses…. smell, sound, taste, feel and vision.  It’s not fair to ourselves and to people around us if we respond to life from the Mind Full state. We have been blessed with all our senses , feelings , thoughts and intelligence for a reason. I am sure it is A really good reason. So it would be wonderful and great for us to appreciate our lives and be mindful of how we live and respond. There are many ways to be mindful. I will write more about it in the next article. Until then Be Mindful and Be in the Now.


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