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Mindfulness                         This simple drawing of matchstick people truly is worth a million dollars. How do we think , how do we live day to day , how do we interact, how do we react……… Every thing actually has to do with what is actually running through our mind at that moment. What is in our mind ? Do we store stories, images , voices , scenes and let them run like a projector or a movie in our head ?

No wonder we have problems concentrating , being absent minded, misplacing things and going around our daily life akin to having blinds on our senses…. smell, sound, taste, feel and vision.  It’s not fair to ourselves and to people around us if we respond to life from the Mind Full state. We have been blessed with all our senses , feelings , thoughts and intelligence for a reason. I am sure it is A really good reason. So it would be wonderful and great for us to appreciate our lives and be mindful of how we live and respond. There are many ways to be mindful. I will write more about it in the next article. Until then Be Mindful and Be in the Now.


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Clarity in our Thoughts

Recently, I went browsing in a Buddhist ornament store . Generally in Asian countries, Buddhism is very much associated with Chinese , so this store had a variety of statues, wind chimes, bracelets, wall hangings and so on. As I was looking , I came across a basket which was full of stones. Each stone had words on them but only one stone with a word caught my eye: CLARITY. This word has been running through my mind for the past two weeks.

By the way , if you wondered why I went into the store, well , I was looking for my magic stone. I read in the book “The Magic” by Rhonda Byrne , that when we want to give thanks or to be grateful of the goodness that happened for the day, just hold your magic stone every night, go through the day in your mind, find one thing/event/experience that you are thankful for and praise it, appreciate it and thank it. Leave the stone near you as you will be doing this daily and the stone is full of your personal appreciation and thankfulness for your life. I felt this was a wonderful thing to do so I set about looking for my stone and hence the experience of coming across and pondering about the word CLARITY.

Clarity in  decision making, problem solving , goals setting ,  our relationships, our wants, our needs , our speech , our thoughts, our feelings and our path in life is truly an achievement everyone of us should strive for and be thankful when we are able to attain it.

  • Clearness and simplicity in our thoughts and feelings give rise to clear and simple speech and actions: Speech and actions related to ourselves and towards others.This is turn starts a chain reaction related to  our interactions with ourselves and others and our outlook towards life. For example ,
  • as parents, it is important  to be clear when we advise or discipline our children.
  • As spouses , it is important to be clear of our responsibility to each other and our boundaries as a couple.
  • As a worker , it is important to be clear of of our targets and output.

Self care is one of the most important need we have to practise to have a clear mind and thought. Simple healthy food, enough sleep,comfortness with silence, exercise , nourishing our souls by appreciating what and where we are in our lives are some of the needs we need to see to. By practising and cultivating Clarity , I believe we will be improving ourselves both externally and internally.

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A little HELP from…… a movie.

I always wandered why people go to the movies every week  or even twice weekly. With the rising cost of tickets and time spent driving to the cinema through all the traffic usually puts off many people. Yet hundreds off people go to the movies daily. I used to watch movies a lot when I was young, then just a few when I was a young adult and later , as a mother ,I watched as I accompanied my kids. Over the years , I slowly stopped going to the movies except maybe once a year, during festive season. It was fun and that was it.

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The Good Dinosaur

Two days ago, I had an opportunity to watch a movie titled ” The Good Dinosaur”. It was 3D animated and my companions in the cinema were either children or parents. As the movie started , I was surprised by the vividness and realness of the scenes. It was fascinating to watch the richness of colours ,ruby red , copper,orange, sky blue, midnight blue,cobalt,lime green , olive green, magenta, violet…..   It was a feast indeed for my eyes. Every scene was simply beautiful. I felt so alive and excited. The story, let me tell my honest feeling , it was very much about our real life. It was about overcoming our fears, trusting one another, appreciation, forging relationships, love and caring for others and ourselves. It was just a simple story about a little green dinosaur finding its way home but it was packed with such wonderful and valuable lessons. The dinosaur’s journey was filled with fear, pain ,anger, resentment, doubts, trust,sharing, courage , awareness , self realization and finally a good measure of self confidence. The discovery of its self confidence gave its self esteem the boost it needed to live in this world and to love its life. The little dinosaur finally found his family but he was not the same creature anymore. He realized his self worth so his outlook in life changed too.

For me, It was a profound movie indeed. The one and half hours I spent in the cinema was worth every minute of my time. All these years, I never acknowledged how a movie can actually put so much of positiveness in our minds.When people say , being mindful and practice positiveness , I always imagined it to be listening to a talk or practising meditation but I was amazed to discover that a good positive movie is equally important to help us to change our mind sets or outlooks. I consider the hours spent in the cinema as a counseling session and the thought patterns and values learned as therapy, maybe like cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT).

I suppose it it right to say , it’s important for us to feed our minds, our eyes, our ears and our emotions with good positive visuals and thought. It is important for us to be positive even though we are at our lowest , our toughest or in the most painful part of our lives. When we are at our lowest point, it’s important for our emotions and thoughts to reflect positively , it’s important for our eyes and brain to relay positive images or scenes . These will keep our minds in harmony and at peace as we make decisions or as we go through hurdles. Aligning ourselves is necessity nowadays.

We have been bombarded by lots of unwanted pain and suffering through movies, news, newspapers and even people around us , may they be family, friends, colleagues or just strangers. We need to find ways to be above this and to be afloat. We need to make wise choices. We can choose what we want to put in our thoughts and minds. We can choose how we want to see our lives and this world. So , everyone out there, GO for a Good POSITIVE MOVIE and LAUGH ALOUD and SHARE THE JOY.Come out of the cinema with a SMILE 🙂 on your face and a little skip in your steps.

As for me,I am already thinking of the next positive movie I plan to watch.images

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