My Journey 1 -A New Leaf in my Life!-

6th March 2015

Life sure has it’s own way of providing us with nooks ,corners and surprises. Today, I finally got to set up my own blog.Yeah ! I have wanted to do it for really long time but was not able to do it cause I was bogged down by my work and was busy being a wife, a mum and a sibling.I firmly also refused to divert or divide my time on other matters. I gave priority to those who were there ,right in front of me. I sometimes wonder whether my way of thinking was right cause ,in spite of all the effort and hard work I put into my actions , I m always the unsung hero. I actually googled  about unsung heroes to find out more about why we feel like that. Apparently ,it comes from our need for outside validation : to be praised or acknowledged by others. I actually realised , I was the one who was undermining my efforts and hardwork and not anyone else. That insight let me to read more articles and somehow I made a greater effort in pursuing my long wanted intention of starting a blog. Today, I’m finally writing and posting my thoughts. Congratulations to myself for having the commonsense and understanding to reflect and realise my shortcomings and to act on them. A big thank you too, to my darling husband for setting up a Wi-Fi hotspot for me to access the internet.You are indeed my soul mate, love you so much. And, my darling daughters, thank you for being my role models. Your courage,insights and diligence inspire me everyday. Not to forget, warm birthday greetings to one of my daughters who is slowly turning into a lovely adult.

P.S. I use the Wi-Fi hotspot cause I recently moved to in an interior part of this world.


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